This podcast episode gets both Dr. Bret Scher and Dr. Jason Fung.


Here are my notes:

  • you can’t set your heart rate
  • you can’t set your metabolic rate
  • you can’t set how many calories you’re going to burn
  • stretch receptors in your stomach tell you to stop eating
  • nothing in your body uses calories to tell you to stop eating
  • its all about hormones
  • nutritionists want to be as precise as physics people….the people who send us into outer space
  • so they want to use numbers, use calories to track, but it doesn’t work
  • for example, diet drinks have not solved the obesity epidemic
  • if you say its all about the calories, you don’t have an understanding of what makes the body gain fat or lose fat
  • the body doesn’t care about calories, why should YOU care about calories
  • it isn’t how many calories are you eating, its what is your body going to do with those calories
  • burn it off? or store it?
  • the amount of calories your body burns can go up or down by 30%
  • some people eat 10,000 calories a day and not gain weight, because the body is burning it off
  • Jason calls people who believe in the calories in- calories out model, he calls them cico-paths
  • what makes you more full? 200 calories of soda?  or 200 calories of steak?
  • with soda, there is no activation of satiety hormones, with steak there is
  • some foods make you fat, some foods don’t
  • its just common sense
  • no ones every gotten fat eating broccoli
  • in America 70% of people are overweight
  • lets say you have a school with 100 students, and 1 kid fails, you might say that it’s the kids fault
  • but if 70 students fail, then maybe it’s the teachers fault
  • not everything works for everyone
  • if you go to the doctor with an infection, and 1 antibiotic didn’t work, he’d try another one, no question
  • but with diet, people say there is 1 approach for everyone
  • so you need more tools in the toolbox: ketogenic eating, carnivore, vegan, fasting, more activity


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.

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