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What happens when you exercise and why it helps you burn fat faster


Here are my notes:

  • protein is mainly used for muscle repair
  • exerting energy is mainly carbohydrates and fat
  • exercise can help you create a caloric deficit
  • exercise can only do so much
  • especially if your diet is poor and you eat more than you burn


  • exercise helps you burn more body fat over time
  • glucose is good for quick burst high intensity workouts
  • fats are good for long term cardio workouts


  • aerobic exercise is oxygen based
  • anaerobic exercise is not oxygen based
  • some things could use both carbs and fats
  • as you jog, at first you’re not using oxygen and you feel good
  • then after 3-4 minutes, you start using more oxygen
  • 30 minutes of high intensity would burn more fat than 30 minutes of low intensity


  • but how does exercise help?
  • exercise makes you more effective at burning body fat
  • this is because you get better at tapping into fat because you’ve become better at taking in more oxygen and utilize it to burn fat more effective


  • resistance training burns calories while you’re lifting weights + burns more calories the rest of the time too because having more muscle burns more calories 24/7


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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