using an app is absolutely not necessary.

  • you could use a timer if you want to be reminded to eat, just use an alarm
  • the whole idea of fasting is to simplify our lives, so you don’t need to add more tracking
  • that being said, community is awesome, which many of these apps provide
  • I noticed the life fasting app is used a lot on the fasting subreddit, so I gave it a try, and its good



The linked video is titled:

LIFE 2.0 – How to Track Your Fasts Tutorial

the ninth video in the list is a webinar titled the science of intermittent fasting


Here are my notes from the tutorial

  • you can edit the start, the end, or set the duration
  • it tells you when you should be entering ketosis, which is when your body is starting to break down and burn fat
  • it also tells you when you enter heavy ketosis, autophagy, and peak growth hormone
  • there are links in the app to the studies that
  • you can join fasting circles to join a fasting group
  • you can create your own fasting circle and invite your friends to help build your own fasting community
  • you can post moods
  • there is a learning tab that contains articles and videos


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Repeat after me:

I am a master of the 48 hour fast


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