The linked video is Ivor interviewing wheat belly author William Davis


it’s an hour long, I highly suggest you watch the entire thing, these guys are brilliant


Here are my notes:

  • Dr Bobbit is a great case of how bad the current state of heart disease prevention
  • Davis has a new book named tour de force
  • cholesterol is a lousy marker and distracts from the real causes
  • if you do nothing, heart scan scores increase 25% per year, year after year
  • heart scan scores are not impacted by low cholesterol drugs
  • what does impact the rise of heart scan scores?
  • #1 eliminate the cause of small LDL particles?
  • 2 things: grains and sugars
  • amplified by insulin resistance
  • if you eliminate grains and sugars, your small LDL count will drop from 1800 nanamoles/liter to almost 0
  • diet is crucial
  • HDL goes up
  • triglicerides goes down
  • insulin resistance drops
  • adding vitamin D
  • Vitamin d dropped coronary calcium scores from 800 to 400
  • Do not seed oils or vegetable oils
  • These have been proved harmful
  • Eating less salt doesn’t seem to improve
  • You know who knows a lot about nutrition?
  • The anthropologist community
  • When humans start eating grains
  • There is an explosion of tooth decay
  • Eating bread leads to iron deficiencies, heart disease, autoimmune disease
  • Inflammation diseases, psoriasis, crohn’s disease, on and on and on
  • The realization that this was a mistake 10,000 years ago sets us free to eat better
  • davis has a 2008 paper that shows how to reverse coronary calcification
  • Most arterial plaque is a combination of hard plaque and soft plaque
  • Grain elimination is an extremely powerful cardiovascular protection mechanism
  • Most people are deficient in magnesium, adding magnesium helps in bone density, he has a recipe for magnesium water the most absorbable way of drinking magnesium




Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Watch: Ivor and Dr David

 for the rest of the story


Repeat after me:

I will get my cardiac calcium scan THIS year


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