lost 28 pounds in 4 days death fasting


September 20th video:


Maya’s channel:


Cole is working with Maya, I think she’s moved in with Cole in Canada for some intense one on one training.

I am coming along for the ride to see how Cole and Maya progress on the snake diet


Here are my notes from a few of her videos

  • with the September 16 video
  • she has been doing dry fasting
  • our bodies hold onto a lot of water
  • she feels like the blueberry girl from willy wanka
  • her fasting routine includes some dry fasting and water fasting
  • the main goal is to cut the first 100 pounds to allow her to move more
  • by September 18, she lost 28 pounds in 4 days doing coles death fasting routine
  • she felt good, was still sweating and urinating
  • Coles death fasting video explains how it works
  • in the September 20th video, Maya talks about coles coaching technique and how she started working with him
  • whatever you do, take action
  • never give up
  • know your purpose
  • live a real life
  • what is it that you want



Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Watch: the 500 pound fasting lady

for the rest of the story

we’ll visit her again next sunday


Repeat after me:

never give up

and take action


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