New Week, new Month.

We’ve got 3 months left in 2019

shed the fat, maintain through the holidays, and start 2020 as the new me

where food and weight are habits and I focus MY time and energy on family, fun, and career


this is the fasting run down

Just Fast

Start today

what can be measured can be managed

weigh myself every day, use fat calipers, post your pictures

journal what works, what didn’t work, and especially triggers

try habit chaining first thing in the morning and the first thing after work

review it weekly and monthly

stay motivated with youtubes and podcasts, I’ll track my favorites and go back to them

OMAD OMAD OMAD – one meal a day, that’s 1 hour of eating, 23 hours of living life

23 hours of not food shopping, not food prepping, not doing dishes

Next week fast two-days on Tuesday

the following week fast three-days on Thursday

get electrolytes

if I’m dizzy, I can break my fast, and start again

plan my eats, eat my plan

eat meat

lift weights

track our own N=1 experiments for 4 weeks each

try different MATIC controls, that MA- Macros, TI- Timing, and C-Calories

try keto macros if they make us less hungry or break plateaus

track calories until we don’t need to


get great sleep, every night

I am in control

The first rule of fasting club is don’t tell anybody you’re fasting.

I CAN eat socially but only once a day and sometimes start a 2 day fast afterwards


develop some go-to tricks and tools YOU need to distract yourself 15 minutes while a hunger pang is distracting us from job #1


first it was all about the food

then it wasn’t

then it was about everything in my life that is important


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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