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What is Alternate-day fasting (ADF)? Does it work? My thoughts


Here are my notes:

  • intermittent fasting has lots of varieties and different forms, ADF is just one of them
  • you can do ADF and do keto, or do vegan, or
  • for fasting, either don’t eat, or keep calories under 500 per day …. but not recommended
  • you need to be careful not to overeat on your eating day
  • by having a simple rule where you don’t eat at all every other day, that is easy and removes all decisions from the equation
  • if you can combine with warrior diet or OMAD, that is really powerful
  • imagine eating once every 48 hours. this is a powerful weight loss tool
  • you can warm up to it by doing a 2-day Tuesday, then add in a second 48 hour fast every week
  • you can do it however you want to, there is no correct answer
  • ADF is powerful, add it to the tool


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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