Here are the podcast notes:

  • Does Peter find protein catabolism (muscle breakdown) is effected during a prolonged fast?
    • It’s not something he specifically measures (besides taking a picture of himself in the mirror)
      • “I’d love to do a 7-day fast in an environment where I could have a muscle biopsy and a fat biopsy every single day”
    • “I think that fasting is such a powerful tool; I think of it as one of the most powerful drugs we have in the entire toolbox of medicine.”
      • “But I’m frustrated I don’t know the dose of the drug to give” 
        • Why? – We can’t measure autophagy so we’re completely guessing at the best fasting protocol
        • Imagine you’re some doctor walking around, someone hands you a bottle of pills and says, “This is the single most valuable drug we have.”
          • You ask him, “How much do I give?” and he has no idea!
        • “Right in the middle of our face is this awesome thing we really don’t understand enough about”
      • Peter identifies eating one-meal-a-day as time-restricted feeding, not intermittent fasting
      • “I always feel like the inflammation dissipates from my body when I’m fasting”
      • During his fasts, Peter will occasionally measure urinary cortisol levels (he hasn’t seen much of a change)
      • “If there’s one thing about fasting that sucks, it’s that my body odor becomes unbearable… It’s perspiration; it’s not that I’m perspiring much, it just stinks.”


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.



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