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Cancer and Sugar


Here are my notes:

  • Dr Kesslerling talks about cancer being a metabolic disease
  • a metabolic disease is any disease that disrupts normal metabolism
  • we need insulin to get glucose out of the blood stream
  • cancer uses 100x more glucose than regular cells
  • doctors use sugar with a PET scan to find cancer in a patient
  • since 1980 we’ve seen a skyrocketing of obesity
  • the worse your metabolic health the higher the rise in blood sugar after you eat
  • in 1975 Dr. Kraft measured insulin 14000 patients and determined only 20% of adults are metabolically healthy
  • a 2016 similar study found that only 12% of adults are metabolically healthy
  • only 0.5% of obese people are metabolically healthy
  • in a French study of 62000 women, they found that the more you ate carbohydrates, the more likely you were to have breast cancer
  • an Italian study found that added fat protein or fiber did not increase cancer rates
  • when you go to the lab and you look at normal, remember normal is not optimal
  • remember only 12% of people have healthy metabolism
  • in study after study, Dr. Kesslering finds that lower fasting insulin levels are associated with higher life expectancy and better survival rates
  • stage 3 colon cancer patients with the highest insulinogenic diet had the lowest disease free survival
  • and none of these were even close to a ketogenic diet, so imagine



Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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Repeat after me:

lower my insulin to lower the risk of cancer


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