Maya is working with Snake Diet founder Cole to get healthy.


The linked video is titled:

Fat Girl period from Hell


Here are my notes:

  • this last week was Maya’s period and it was just brutal
  • she has cramps and is tired all the time
  • she couldn’t do anything but close her eyes and feel the pain
  • Maya believes that its her weight that is causing this to be worse
  • in the past she’s gone to the medicine cabinet to alieve her pain
  • but she believes that fasting is getting her hormones in balance
  • this tiredness is motivating her to stick to her guns and get the weight off
  • she is serious about changing
  • she wants to normalize her hormones to make this week better next month
  • shes fasting during this week and did not gain weight like she does quite often



Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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Repeat after me:

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