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Do You Get Autophagy Eating One Meal a Day – OMAD and Autophagy


Here are my notes:

  • the current science says that to get full autophagy, you should fast for at least 72 hours
  • but everyone is unique
  • energy deprivation will trigger autophagy
  • Siim believes that after 5 days you start diminishing the returns on autophagy
  • if you’re in a calorie deficit that will speed up autophagy
  • heat saunas’ and exercise also help
  • a small eating window with longer periods of fasting is the critical component
  • leaner people go into autophagy faster
  • Siim also says that HIIT training will trigger autophagy even if you’re eating
  • the most important thing is to not overconsume calories, and you will get small amount of autophagy
  • although a 3 day fast provides higher levels of autophagy, for you it may be easier to do OMAD a bunch of times every week as compared to doing a 3 day fast every week.
  • There’s a link here to Siim’s book on amazon: metabolic autophagy, you can read the first chapter for free


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