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The linked video is titled:

How to Stop Binge Eating Once and for All


Here are my notes:

  • Greg talks about where you want to get to.
  • He just had a single ice cream bar, and he is satisfied.
  • Many people will eat one treat, they feel guilty and go down a spiral of binge eating.
  • in one day you can do some serious damage undoing days and days of successful dieting
  • it takes a lot longer to burn off calories than to eat calories
  • for Greg, he found that as he used will power to get depleted, he was hungry, and his will power broke, and it became impossible to regulate hunger
  • so an extreme diet has a huge impact
  • secondly, comes the guilt
  • there is research on this, people who feel guilt eat a lot more
  • MAYBE you can tweak your eating plan to still lose weight to still fast, but not tax the will power
  • eat real foods: steak, potatoes,
  • fit in the stuff you really need so you can eat it without guilt, and you will stop eating because there is no guilt
  • some foods are easier to control than others
  • if cookies are hard to stop, then maybe you just don’t eat food
  • it’s a skill to learn
  • so when you do mess up, learn from it, journal it, figure it out for yourself
  • identify guilt and get past it



  • find a way to be satisfied every day, the right foods, the right amount of calories,
  • don’t go too low: a 500 calorie deficit, even a 200 calorie deficit is in the right direction
  • fit in the foods that you love
  • guilt is horrible for you


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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Repeat after me:

  • it takes a lot longer to burn off calories than to eat calories



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