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20 benefits of intermittent fasting!



Here are my notes:

  • you save money
  • you will have more free time, less prep time, less time eating, less time cleaning
  • you give your body a break from digestion so it can heal
  • break food addictions
  • #5 get hunger under control
  • you love food even more
  • it improves insulin resistance allowing you to burn more body fat
  • eat bigger meals, thanksgiving every single day
  • weight loss
  • #10 fasting provides anti-aging benefits
  • better skin
  • reduced inflammation
  • better brain function
  • lower risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • #15 you don’t need to think about food
  • lower blood pressure
  • reset your hormones
  • help prevent some cancers
  • helps get cholesterol in check
  • #20 fasting provides a brand new healthy life style, sense of accomplishment


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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Repeat after me:

I am healthy, I am fasting


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