Gary Taubes is a rock star in the keto community.  this  video is a pretty good representation of most of his talks


The linked video is titled:

The Quality of Calories


Here are my notes:

  • make no mistake, we are in an obesity and diabetes epidemic
  • you would want experts to assess the underlying assumptions
  • but they weren’t
  • what causes obesity?
  • is it calories in vs calories out?
  • so Gary and Nina Tiecholtz and others are assessing for us
  • in the early 1900s everyone was studying calories
  • if you can only measure 1 thing, all your hypotheses are around that 1 thing
  • so they fat shame obesity saying it is ignorance, self-indulgency, gluttony, and sloth
  • the math says if every day, you store 20 calories more than you burn, that means you gain 20 pounds in 10 years
  • but why do adoption studies show twins look the same even though the eat differently?
  • why do men gain weight above the waist and women gain weight below the waist?
  • why do women going through puberty gain 50% more fat than boys do?
  • the energy balance hypothesis is circular logic, there’s no explanation
  • what if I told you the fundamental cause of wealth is earning more money than you spend?
  • that’s the same logic
  • in economics you’re laughed out of the room, in health, that’s the norm
  • lets take a step back to first principles: obesity is the accumulation of fat
  • there is something about tissue that allows it to accumulate fat, we call it lipophilic
  • so what regulates fat accumulation
  • in 1965, Yalow and Berson identified insulin as the agent that makes fat cells accumulate fat
  • when insulin drops fat depots shrink
  • we secrete insulin when we eat carbohydrates
  • this is textbook science
  • in 1963 everyone knew that carbohydrates are fattening
  • why keto? why intermittent fasting?
  • keep insulin low for as long as we can


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.

the third comment on this youtube is the reason I started this podcast

Hazzard0 says I could listen to Gary Tuabes repeating himself 2 hours a week

My notes are a couple of minutes, that I can do whenever I need to remember why fasting works


Watch: Gary Taubes

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Repeat after me:

if I’m predisposed to get fat, don’t eat carbs



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