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One Meal A Day Diet Success


Here are my notes:

  • the guy asking Paul for help says that OMAD is the only diet he can stick to for more than a week
  • he also does a lower carb diet
  • Paul is not a big fan of OMAD for himself
  • but if it works for you, that’s the important thing
  • when you’re used to eating is when you get hungry
  • this gets you out of snacking
  • it is a simple rule
  • gives you more time so you can be more productive
  • Paul suggests testing having a refeed once a week
  • watch energy levels
  • be careful having a huge caloric deficit
  • don’t run yourself into the ground
  • this does not need to turn into an eating disorder


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Watch: Paul Revelia

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Repeat after me:

the best diet is the diet I can stick to


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