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some people find that eating low carb or keto make you less hungry and makes it easier to fast


Here are my notes:

  • All of rob’s patients are experts at failing at diet programs
  • Rob believes that carbohydrates, especially the food is processed today is very addictive
  • if we think of the approach as a “diet” that means that we’re depriving ourselves of something we love to eat
  • that means it’s just a matter of time before that deprivation becomes so tempting and we go back to eating carbs
  • when you talk to a vegetarian
  • they don’t say that they’re on a vegetarian diet
  • they define themselves as vegetarians
  • being a vegetarian is who they are
  • it is their way of life
  • it resonates
  • we need to do the same thing carbohydrates
  • if eating carbs is disgusting
  • because we know that carbs make us sick
  • now we don’t feel deprived eating carbohydrates


  • like an ex-smoker who is arrogant about the fact that they don’t smoke
  • you’re less likely to stumble and fall if you are arrogant
  • it has to be comprehensive
  • it has to be pervasive
  • it has to be your way of life all the time
  • “I’m not doing keto, I am KETO”
  • it’s the difference between someone who says they’re not drinking vs. someone who says they’re an alcoholi



now that’s just the first 4 minutes.

This podcast is fantastic, I will cover his other podcast next month


Dr. Rob also talks about:

  • our ancestors who were hunter gatherers
  • for those people, glucagon is the key hormone, not insulin, it keeps our blood sugar at about 70
  • insulin was there to turn off glucagon
  • and now, we have chronic sugar and carb consumption
  • we’re using insulin for something it wasn’t designed to do
  • and it creates obesogenic patterns in some of us who can handle all that blood glucose
  • and some people who can’t handle that blood glucose become diabesogenic patterns


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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Repeat after me:

I am keto

I AM keto



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