your fasting IQ?

this might help your Tuesday night quizzo team


Here are some questions

  • how many calories are in a gram of carb? 4
  • protein? 4
  • fat? 9
  • alcohol? 7
  • how may grams in an ounce? 28
  • how many pounds in a stone? 14
  • people say there are how many calories in a pound of fat? 3500


Here are some terms:

  • RMR or BMR – resting or base metabolic rate


Here are some guessing games

  • how many people are there on earth? about 7.5 billion
  • how about in the us? 350 million
  • what percentage is obese or overweight? about 2/3 or 65%
  • how many bariatric surgeries are there each year in the US? about 220,000
  • percentage of dieters that regain everything they lost within 3 years? 97%



Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.

  • don’t be a stat


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