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intermittent Fasting


Here are my notes:

  • Over the years, various diets have reduced carbs or reduced fat
  • Miles says its also about weekend cheat meals, and alcohol
  • you can go a whole week doing well, then blow all the progress with a cheat meal
  • what are the factors of control?
  • portion control is important
  • intermittent fasting is a way to do portion control
  • it also stops snacking and provides a way to still go out to restaurants
  • most days he will 2 distinct meals at 2pm and 7pm
  • for days that Miles goes to a restaurant miles makes that his only meal of the day
  • 48 hour and 72 hour fasts are good tools as well
  • do your own experiments


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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