today is the Keto Reminder Run Down,

some people find that eating low carb or keto make you less hungry and makes it easier to fast

a list of things to remember if you’re going to do keto in addition to fasting.




keto is low carb, under 20 carbohydrate grams a day,

get  and the rest of your calories by eating fats

you might want to add your electrolytes using the snake diet or a zero calorie sports drink


eating keto makes it easier to fast, keeps your insulin rock bottom, and gets your body used to burning fat….so its easier to burn the fat off your body.


people report that they are less hungry


for people who are pre-diabetic, diabetic, and obese, the keto diet is almost a miracle


mainstream keto folks eat more than one meal a day and they typically don’t do 48 hour and 72 hour fasts.  Here on Fasting Motivation, we focus on omad and do at least a 48 hour fast at least once a week.


be aware of sneaky carbs…they are hidden in processed foods everywhere, sometimes the labels don’t even show those carbs.


keto has a million eating options, recipes all over the internets

great grocery haul videos on the youtubes


hard to recommend, but dirty keto options are so easy — mcdonalds double quarter pounder is my favorite.


you may find that once you get lean, as you slowly transition into your maintenance plan….and make sure you have a maintenance plan….may allow you to have two meals on some days as long as those meals are keto.  you might find that you can eat more calories and a wider variety of foods…..

add foods in slowly, recalibrate, and evaluate


keto is a tool – the macros lever of the MaTiC controls, add it in, let it work for you.  try it for 8 weeks and see what it does.


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.



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