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EXPERT FAT LOSS TIPS For ANY DIET! FINALLY Reveal Your Abs | Losing the Last 10 Pounds



Here are my notes:

  • Romano says the best way to get cardio is lots and lots of low intensity steady state cardio, like walking, bicycling or even a slow jog
  • its even better if you do it fasted
  • IF allows you to tap into body fat more quickly
  • once you’re in 12-18 hours you get into fat burning
  • longer fasts put you into ketosis which means your body is using only fat for fuel
  • so prolonged fasting is a huge fat burning capability
  • do not snack
  • insulin management is key for appetite management
  • insulin management also keeps energy levels steady
  • so cut out the carbs, reduce, or when you do, don’t jack up all your carbs in one meal
  • avoid foods that make you hungry, Romano calls these foods kryptonite
  • avoid MSG, high fructose corn syrup and moderate fruits
  • eat real food.
  • real food satiates and prevent hunger
  • Romano also says to avoid mold toxins and pesticides
  • Romano says to monitor your metabolic speed
  • you can amp up the metabolic rate through cardio
  • is it odd that people who have fasted for several days have less hunger than people who eat all day long?
  • He also discusses using caffeine and l-carnitine to keep


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.



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