This is it, game time

put on your game face



The absolute FEAST that is thanksgiving is why OMAD and being fasted is awesome and fantastic


maybe, perhaps, we can extend our eating window just a little, maybe to 2 hours.  but no more than 4


we prepared for this moment


we’ve been fasted since yesterday

we’ll do a little walk

we’ll catch up with family and friends


we have the best fucking excuse not to eat until the feast

“I’m saving my appetite for the big meal”


watch a little football, the parade

don’t fucking talk politics


we’ll do silly traditions that started before we were born

and new ones that we started last year

tell our family what we’re thankful for

play ticket to ride, Pictionary,

or old maid (your niece cheats) or cribbage

watch grandma destroy it with her call of duty sqad


keep it moving, when you’re moving you’re not thinking about snackin



we warm up with the pre-feast, right when your eating window opens

maybe we made some low carb horse doovers

some fancy cheeses

baby hot dogs in sauce

from now on….it’s THOR’s thing to bring the deviled eggs



then the FEAST !

just awesome awesome turkey day meats and yams and vegetables, so many vegetables

get that dark meat



this day is made for THOR

this is THORS DAY !



no cookies

no cake

no ice cream

no sugar

“I’m so full, I couldn’t eat another bite”


Thor loves the feast


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