FMM-284 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by High Intensity Health   in the linked video Mike Mutzel summarizes 4 new studies about working out fasted:   there is some conflicting information   the first study utilized a One hour energy session in a fasted state increases oxidation over the next 24 hours       its important to know that fat oxidation isn’t necessarily

FMM-283 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Joe Rogan   Here are some notes from the linked video narrated by Travis: Joe has an 8 hour feeding window he doesn’t crave breakfast tip #1: exercise, be active, be under stress, you’ll have more energy for life joe doesn’t eat carbs, no sugar, no bread he eats a lot of vegetables a lot of

FMM-282 Monday Mission inspired by Conscious Calisthenics

  2 weeks until memorial day What is your fasting plan this week? my plan has a 2-day Tuesday this week and a 2-day Thursday   in the linked video, Danny from Conscious Calisthenics tells us the 4 biggest omad mistakes   #1 is not having a consistent fasting and eating window with omad, make

FMM-281 Run Down Sunday

OMAD is life, life is OMAD RBI RBI RBI – rock bottom insulin Today is the first day of the rest of my life my way of eating is MY way of eating, I own my body, I make my own plan Get up early and win the day I fast to become a better

FMM-280 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Dr. Sten Ekberg   The linked video compares Keto to Intermittent Fasting, here are some notes:   both keto and IF get results for people because many health problems are due to insulin resistance the keto diet reduces carbs so much that the body starts burning fat a byproduct of eating less carbs means you don’t need

FMM-279 Fired Up Friday inspired by Fast Club Motivation on facebook   Sometimes motivation comes from your tribe Here are a few success stories from people on the linked facebook group:   Paul moved from obese on the BMI chart to just overweight….that’s 100 pounds down Dionta is down 80 in 20 days there are a bunch of non-scale victories like smaller shirt sizes, pant

FMM-278 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Jason Fung     Dr. Fong starts with a history of different diets many of which were low carb diet including the Banting diet   there’s no correlation between eating higher fat and higher risk of death there’s no evidence that eating more fat is dangerous   The women’s health initiative study had 50,000 women showed

FMM-277 Happy Wednesday inspired by Joe at What I’ve Learned   the linked  video is: Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day interestingly, it has over 8 million views   here are some notes: how did eating get so complicated? you’d think by now there would be consensus on what our eating habits should look like there are over 50,000 books

FMM-276 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Clovis Culture   here are some notes from the linked video:  fasting vs calorie restriction we have 2 gas tanks the first gas tank is sugar the second gas tank is fat you have to burn through the sugar gas tank to get to the fat gas tank when the sugar is gone, and you burn

FMM-275 Monday Mission – Journaling

It’s a new month 3 weeks until memorial day, and I am 3 pounds away from goal What is your fasting plan this week? my plan has a 2-day Tuesday this week and omad the rest of the week omad omad omad   Today is the first Monday of May. Time for a retrospective. What