FMM-471 Monday Mission What is your FI Q?

your fasting IQ? this might help your Tuesday night quizzo team   Here are some questions how many calories are in a gram of carb? 4 protein? 4 fat? 9 alcohol? 7 how may grams in an ounce? 28 how many pounds in a stone? 14 people say there are how many calories in a

FMM-470 Snake Diet Sunday inspired by the 500 pound fasting lady     Maya says stop tweeting me, texting me she’s getting some pressure from people but getting a lot of support too   she gets on the scale right away in this video and she is down to 423 pounds   Congratulations Maya!   she is super super excited for this progress

FMM-469 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Low Carb MD and Dr. Rob Cywes   Rob Cywes: Website: Facebook: Robert Cywes Book: Diabetes Unpacked (Noakes Foundation) Brian Lenzkes: Website: Tro Kalayjian: Website:   some people find that eating low carb or keto make you less hungry and makes it easier to fast   Here are my notes: All of rob’s patients are experts at failing at diet programs

FMM-468 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dy Ann Parham   The linked video is titled: Intermittent Fasting & Your Failure Tolerance   Here are my notes: sometimes its easy to pin failure on other people was ask people to hand us a blueprint on how we should act to achieve success we should allow ourselves to fail, fail repeatedly, and get through failure

FMM-467 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Natural Weight Loss Mastery   I am thor and thor is not addicted to food   The linked video is titled: One Powerful Intermittent Fasting Benefit For Food Addicts   Here are my notes: why is intermittent fasting a good method for food addicts? it’s the simple rule of not eating for 16 or 20 hours a day

FMM-466 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Mario Tomic   The linked video is titled: Want To Get a Lean Body? DON’T MESS THIS UP!   Here are my notes: we all want long term results, Mario talks about retaining long term results these take a lot of effort its not easy its worth it Mario sees a lot of people with a

FMM-465 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Rachel Sharp are you doing a 2 day fast with me today? even if its 36 hours, having a full day without food can be a huge health boost   The linked video is titled: MY EXPERIENCE WITH INTERMITTENT, ALTERNATE DAY FASTING     Here are my notes: Rachel believes that although some protocols allow you

FMM-464 Monday Mission Fasting Run Down

New Week, new Month. We’ve got 2 months left in 2019 shed the fat, maintain through the holidays, and start 2020 as the new me where food and weight are habits and I focus MY time and energy on family, fun, and career   this is the fasting run down Just Fast Start today what

FMM-463 Sunday Sunday inspired by Paul Revelia     The linked video is titled: One Meal A Day Diet Success   Here are my notes: the guy asking Paul for help says that OMAD is the only diet he can stick to for more than a week he also does a lower carb diet Paul is not a big fan of

FMM-462 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Gary Taubes   Gary Taubes is a rock star in the keto community.  this  video is a pretty good representation of most of his talks   The linked video is titled: The Quality of Calories   Here are my notes: make no mistake, we are in an obesity and diabetes epidemic you would want experts to