FMM-339 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by the Minister of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan   This guy has a motivating 12 part series on food addiction.  This is part 1. He does have his own products, I don’t endorse or reject his stuff.   Nathaniel references another youtube series about the power of the g-bomb they tell you what to eat and why for this series, why is

FMM-338 Monday Mission inspired by Mario Tomich   What’s your fasting plan this week? I will do a two day Tuesday, and every other day: omad omad omad   the linked video is titled: 5 Simple Rules for Getting a Lean Body (DO THESE!)   here are my notes: these rules are simple but don’t mistake simple with consistency, simple doesn’t

FMM-337 Snake Diet Sunday inspired by Cole’s facebook group     Hey fatty Join cole’s facebook group post some accountability pictures get inspired by the stories there give some motivation get some motivation   Here are some highlights: Mike got ripped, 194 to 170 pounds Carol stopped all her addictions, coffee gone, sugar gone, alcohol gone, meds gone, supplements gone, sodas gone Shireen

FMM-336 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Romano   The linked video is titled: Keto & Fasting : The Link Between The Two   here are my notes: the ketogenic diet and fasting are pretty much the same thing when you eat carbs your blood sugar will go up and down and mood goes up and down on keto diet everything is

FMM-335 Fired Up Friday inspired by Mind Pump on podcastnotes   Here are the key take aways according to podcastnotes The single most black and white thing you can do to reduce your risk of cancer is to incorporate regular prolonged fasts If you’re healthy, regular fasts are one of one of the best things you can do for your body Before you think

FMM-334 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Keto Kamp   Happy Fourth of July— if you’re keto, this is one of the greatest eating days of the year. if you’re not, like me, keep your eating window to 4 hours and don’t snack!   the linked video is titled: 3 simple rules of intermittent fasting [MUST WATCH FOR BEGINNERS]   here are my

FMM-333 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Rob Stuart   The linked video is titled: 8 awesome WATER FASTING activities   here are my notes: you may want to do a bone broth cleanse #1 sunbathing and uv radiation, get outside, get some fresh air, it really helps with hunger #2 be social, reach out to people that make you feel good, being

FMM-332 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Jason Fung’s twitter account   Here are some recent tweets and retweets from Dr Fung: Jason’s company, IDM has a group with coach Terri Lance. She meets Friday’s at 5:30 et Dr David Unwin posted a great info graphic on how food affects your blood sugar. I think we already knew that foods that are low on the

FMM-331 Monday Monthly Check in – New Week, New Month run down

and we are now into the second half of 2019. where are we on our new years resolutions?   Did the plan for June plan work? What does my journal say?  take some time and do a retrospective tonight. When I fell off the plan, was I fasting the very next day?   how hungry

FMM-330 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Cole   be warned Cole uses the F word from time to time   the linked Q&A video is from June 17   here are my notes: follow Coles 321 protocol to lose the weight and stay lean Cole thinks fasting will help with ALS and a bunch of other issues cayenne is good with