FMM-103 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by youtuber be inspired MOTIVATION FOR 2019 – You Really Need To Hear This!   this is YOUR day The biggest problem most people have when it comes to achieving those goals is just simply lack of starting lack of goal setting and really its apathy   are you going to start tomorrow?  start Monday?  start January 1st

FMM-102 Work-Out Wednesday – inspired by ABC Science

Get Fit in 6 minute:     Here are some of the points made in the video vo2 max is a measurement of metabolic fitness the higher the number, the lower risk of disease such as heart attacks and even cancer current recommendation is to do moderate exercise but most people don’t have the

FMM-101 Two-Day Tuesday Inspired by Sean Symons

Sean Symons:  100 days of fasting My 6 Months Documentary   If you are interested in following a guy who is doing 100 days of different kinds of fasting, start following Sean Symons   He is doing   Here are some of his points: he took out sugar, went keto he is starting with

FMM-100 Monday Mission inspired by Mindy Pelz and Jason Fung     Whats you’re Monday mission this week? I will do a 2 day tuesday omad fast omad omad omad the rest of the week and weekend   In this video, Dr Mindy Pelz talks about some of the things she picked up from some conversations   read Jason Fungs book the obesity

FMM-099 SnakeDiet Sunday – Cole’s weight loss for dummies

Cole: Snake Diet WEIGHT LOSS For FAT DUMMIES! —there will be swear words   Cole just released a new starter video   Snake Diet Weight Loss for fat dummies   the eating frequency is 72 hours – that’s 3 days, between eating   when you do eat, eat 0 carbs so that’s fat and

FMM-098 Katurday is Keto Day – inspired by Ketovangelist who answers listener questions

Listen to Episode 178 – Listener questions and Low Carb Houston from The Ketovangelist Podcast in Podcasts.   since you’re listening to fasting motivation, it’s really likely that you’re also listening to the ruggedly handsome host Brian Williamson, his interviews are excellent with the right mix of science, motivation, and entertainment   Here are

FMM-097 Fired Up Friday – inspired by clubenglish and 30 days of fasting

youtube playlist of clubenglish doing 30 days of fasting   This youtuber Club English is currently on day 25 of a 30 day fast. each video is 5 to 10 minutes Here are a bunch of the points that she makes:   when you do a long fast like more than 5 days, you

FMM-096 Thors day is Your Day – Stop Procrastination

“Break the HABIT of PROCRASTINATION!” | Mel Robbins (@melrobbins) | Top 10 Rules   This is YOUR day stop screwing yourself over want motivation, watch top 10 on believe nation this one is on mel robbins   everyones problem comes down to 1 problem you can’t see   if you don’t give a shit

FMM-095 Work-Out Wednesday – Inspired by AlexKaltsMotivation

LISTEN TO THIS EVERYDAY BEFORE YOU WORKOUT – Motivational Workout Speech 2018   sometimes it takes 10 years to get to that one year that will change your life show up every day – rain or shine when everything is great or nothing is   if you want to make your dream a

FMM-094 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by DeLauer

Today’s link is to DeLauer on youtube:  How to do Intermittent Fasting: Complete Guide   Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting:   – What is Intermittent Fasting – What are the benefits (fat loss, muscle growth, cellular rejuvenation, etc.) – How to start a fast – How long should you fast for – What can