FMM-461 Fired Up Friday inspired by CDUB   The linked video is titled: 20 benefits of intermittent fasting!     Here are my notes: you save money you will have more free time, less prep time, less time eating, less time cleaning you give your body a break from digestion so it can heal break food addictions #5 get hunger under

FMM-460 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by kinobody   I am Thor and thor is not addicted to foods   The linked video is titled: How to Stop Binge Eating Once and for All   Here are my notes: Greg talks about where you want to get to. He just had a single ice cream bar, and he is satisfied. Many people

FMM-459 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by fit father project   The linked video is titled: 6 Principles of Muscle Building   Here are my notes: first, focus on getting strong before getting bigger the foundation is the big 5: squat, dead lift, pull ups, overhead press, and bench press strength is a prerequisite to size more weight more reps more sets focus on

FMM-458 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Dr John Berardi   are you doing a 2day fast with me on this chilly Tuesday?   The linked podcast is titled: Dr. John Berardi: How to Optimize Your Metabolism – The Art of Manliness     Total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) is the total amount of energy you burn in a day; it’s the sum total

FMM-457 Monday Mission

guess what, it’s the first Monday of the month !   new month new n=1 experiment I am going to up my carbohydrates this month, but continue with omad and 2-day Tuesdays I will do a 20 minute jog at least Monday – Friday every week, and do something on the weekends I will lift

FMM-456 Snake Diet Sunday inspired by Maya     We’ve been tracking the 500 pound fasting lady Maya who is living with Cole trying to get healthy Maya gives us some updates     Here are my notes: Maya is having a tough time she’s inspiring she’s holding on pushing through she’s not getting on the scale, she wanted to get

FMM-455 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Mandy   The linked video is titled: 23 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight On Keto   Here are my notes: first and foremost, figure out your why we need a concrete reason to lose weight listen to the right people, someone that you jive with #3 eat clean keto foods, don’t eat too many nuts,

FMM-454 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dr Sten Ekberg

oh happy Friday, remember weekends are not free eating periods, dial it in   The linked video is titled: 10 Intermittent Fasting Tips For Easy Success And Why Fasting Works   Here are my notes: Sten starts with all the benefits of IF like weight loss, reduced inflammation, autophagy, and more he goes over concerns:

FMM-453 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by William Shewfelt

The linked video is titled: How to Stop Binging Forever!   Here are my notes: the key is simple cut out junk food from your life junk foods are designed to be hyper palatable and addicting they’re not nutritious they’re very high in calories they’re very addictive over time your leptin and ghrelin get screwed

FMM-452 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by fit father project   The linked video is titled: How To Get Motivated To Work out and Lose Weight TODAY   Here are my notes: when we’re out of shape and we finally get motivated, for whatever reason, we tend to really go intense with some crazy workout routine that’s the wrong place to start the first