FMM-079 Monday Mission inspired by youtuber carnivore life

This youtuber…Carnivore Life….his videos:   His day 8 video:   His Snake Diet video:     Fasting Motivation 79 Monday Mission inspired by youtuber carnivore life I’m on track for a three day Thursday….:  eat eat fast fast eat eat eat that’s a 72 hour fast from Tuesday supper until Friday supper

FMM-078 SnakeDiet Sunday     Fasting Motivation 78 SnakeDiet Sunday and the Coles Facebook Group and Instagram If you are looking for daily motivation, you really don’t have to look further than Coles facebook group.   go join it, lurk around a little, check out the absolutely great transformations.   if you’re thin, thick, fat,

FMM-077 Katurday is for Keto inspired by Chris German   Fasting Motivation 77 Katurday is for Keto inspired by Chris German who lost 50 pounds in about 12 weeks by using keto and intermittent fasting he has his own channel here are his thoughts:   first thing in the morning, he would have a bunch of water he fasts 16 hours a day

FMM-076 Fired Up Friday inspired by Team Fearless

Updated with the correct audio   I didn’t come this far to only come this far   there’s no end winners never stop if you reach your goal, set a bigger goal if you get to the top of the mountain, find a bigger mountain   it’s the challenge that makes life great  

FMM-075 Thor’s Day is your DAY

Fasting Motivation 75 Thor’s Day is Your DAY Thor the giant slayer the god of thunder   Thor uses strength to overcome the fiercest enemies   Thor, our hero MUST try, then when he fails, Thor LEARNS from that failure and endeavors again   When the storms come, when you see the lightning strike, when

FMM-074 OMAD on Odin’s Day inspired by Gravity Transformation

Gravity Transformation: I Ate One Meal A Day For 30 Days (RESULTS)   Fasting Motivation 74 Omad on Odin’s day inspired by Gravity Transformation   the linked video talks about how one meal a day can help our body composition journey by burning more fat.   Adaptive thermogenesis will try to burn more or

FMM-073 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Evan Carmichael

Evan Carmichael:  “Without DISCIPLINE, You’ll Have NO FREEDOM!” | #OneRule   Fasting Motivation 73 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Evan Carmichael watch the link   Without discipline, you’ll have no freedom. if you want more freedom in your life, you have to have more discipline   if you don’t have any discipline you’ll end up

FMM-072 Make a Plan Monday – Maintenance Plans

Fasting Motivation 72 Make a Plan Monday I am traveling for work this week, so my plan is a single two day Thursday This is also the topic for today, which is eating plans when you’ve reached your goal.  you’re lean.  you canyou’re your abdominal muscles, and you’re going to slowly transition into your maintenance

FMM-071 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Cole and Siim Land

  Fasting Motivation 71 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Cole and Siim Land   How great is this, two of our inspirations are together in the 90 minute video discussing the Snake Diet. There are timestamp bookmarks in the description   Here are some of the highlights from Cole and Siim:   People are pretty tough,

FMM-070 Katurday is for Keto – Keto Reminder Run Down

Fasting Motivation 70 Katurday is for Keto And today is the Keto Reminder Run Down, a list of things to remember if you’re going to keto in addition to fasting.   its so popular now, you’re going to see how many people     keto is low carb, under 30 grams a day , moderate