FMM-009 Keto Monday with 2 Keto Dudes   Fasting Motivation 9 Keto Monday For many people fasting is easier if you’re on a ketogenic diet because you’re more satiated less hungry and your body is already used to burning fat…both the fat that you’re eating and the krispy crème from 5 years ago.   this week on

FMM-008 Tactical Sunday – its all MaTiC

Fasting Motivation 8 Tactical Sunday….its all MaTic This body is automatic its systematic its hydromatic   MaTiC Control is 3 lever control MA, TI, and C MA controls the macros…the carbs, proteins, and fats that you eat TI controls the time between meals C controls the calories   Macros-Timing-Calories – MATIC Macros-Timing-Calories – MATIC  

FMM-007 SnakeDiet Saturday Coach Shameen Miller Cole’s new Snake Diet Recipe: Fasting Motivation 7 For SnakeDiet Saturday we link to Snake Diet coach Shameen Miller. In the linked video Shameen gives us a lot of motivation, here are her thoughts… Put up your accountability post on the facebook group Track your progress. Other people’s thoughts and feelings and

FMM-006 Friday – Don’t cheat, its all part of the plan we have figured it out, we know what to do. don’t fucking eat wooo hoo it’s the SWEET weekend I’m not going to cheat this weekend.  I don’t need to cheat EVER I’ve got the plan Friday-Saturday-Sunday, OMAD OMAD OMAD One meal a day, every day this weekend I am social, I am meeting

FMM-005 Should I Exercise?

The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight.  Vox:   Six Miles to Supper   Fasting Motivation 5 is about exercise First of all, exercise is NOT REQUIRED to lose weight, its not even recommended if you don’t already exercise. Focus on fasting. Fast Today.   The first attached

FMM-004 OMAD – 23 benefits Dr Berg

Doctor Berg’s YouTube:  23 Benefits of OMAD (One Meal a Day) Intermittent Fasting This is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician   Fasting Motivation 4 Doctor Berg is another youtuber I subscribe to. Here is a quick list of 23 benefits of One Meal a Day according to Doctor

FMM-003 Doctor Jason Fung

FMM-003 Doctor Jason Fung DietDoctor Youtube:  What is intermittent fasting?   High Intensity Health YouTube:  Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss w/ Jason Fung, MD     This is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician   Fasting Motivation 003 Hello Fasting

FMM-002 Fasting Protocols

Fasting Motivation 002   WARNING!!  Snake Diet motivator Cole Robinson SWEARS A LOT !! He is does NOT appeal to everyone, he can be offensive and hard to listen to, but for many many people, he is very motivating.   The Fasting Motivation podcast will give highlights from time to time, but try Cole’s Facebook

FMM-001 Welcome Fasterooneos

Fasting Motivation 1 Disclaimer…this podcast is for informational purposes only. its not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician