FMM-430 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Siim Land   Siim’s book: Metabolic Autophagy Book:     The linked video is titled: Do You Get Autophagy Eating One Meal a Day – OMAD and Autophagy   Here are my notes: the current science says that to get full autophagy, you should fast for at least 72 hours but everyone is unique energy

FMM-066 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Siim Land

Does fasting make you live longer?   Siim Land: Fasting Problems Solved   Siim’s blog:   Fasting Motivation 66 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Siim Land Siim provides a ton of youtube materials regarding fasting and many bio hacks including fasting, keto and light therapy.  The enclosed link is a recent live video

FMM-031 Two-Day Tuesday Thomas DeLauer

Why Long Term Fasting is AMAZING: 1-2 Day Fasts- Thomas DeLauer:   Fasting Motivation 31: Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Thomas DeLauer Here are Thomas DeLauer’s thoughts: Autophagy is when cells recycle themselves optimizing them Autophagy is really important for the brain and they work better Autophagy makes the liver burn fat better Autophagy makes