FMM-381 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by cdub The linked video is titled: 20 benefits of OMAD besides weight loss   cdub lost 125 pounds by practicing omad Here are my notes from his video: its so simple. eat one meal a day, no snacks cdub says sleep will improve energy levels will rise, because you lose weight and you exercise and

FMM-373 Monday Mission inspired by Cdub   What’s your fasting plan this week?   The linked video is Cdubs top ten reasons to try OMAD   Here are my notes: it is easy to understand, easy concept,no calories until that 1 meal less planning… understanding what hunger really is, so many times we eat out of just boredom you have

FMM-325 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Cdub   the linked video is titled: What are the seven benefits I had doing OMAD here are my notes:   #7: Cdub has found better mental clarity, better organized, not forgetting things, and just a little bit more clear #6:  He has more time, not having to prepare, eat, and cleanup breakfast or lunch. 

FMM-310 Monday Mission and Reminder Run Down inspired by Cdub     in the linked video Cdub talks about non-scale victories. He lost 125 pounds using OMAD one non scale victory for CDub was being able to do some rides at a water park with his kids.   Here are some other non scale victories: mirror more furtive glances from people you don’t know

FMM-293 Fired Up Friday inspired by Cdub   in the linked video, Cdub talks about how he lost 125 pounds with OMAD He does OMAD 6 days a week, and does a 48 hour fast from Sunday night until Tuesday night Sunday night would be a great meal Then not eat until Tuesday on Thursday his 23 hour fast was a