FMM-473 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by CDUB   The linked video is titled: I have walked 10,000 steps every day for a year. Here is what I learned   Here are my notes: cdub lost 125 pounds eating one meal a day this method works great for Chris do not overdo it if you walk fasted, it gets rid of hunger

FMM-461 Fired Up Friday inspired by CDUB   The linked video is titled: 20 benefits of intermittent fasting!     Here are my notes: you save money you will have more free time, less prep time, less time eating, less time cleaning you give your body a break from digestion so it can heal break food addictions #5 get hunger under

Two-Day Tuesday inspired by CDub   The linked video is titled: 10 tips to make OMAD or intermittent fasting easier during the holiday season.   Here are my notes: The November-December timeframe puts a lot of pressure on us socially to eat with family and friends, here are some tips these are not reasons to stop what you’re doing….don’t

FMM-423 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Cdub   The linked video is titled: What is Alternate-day fasting (ADF)? Does it work? My thoughts   Here are my notes: intermittent fasting has lots of varieties and different forms, ADF is just one of them you can do ADF and do keto, or do vegan, or for fasting, either don’t eat, or keep

FMM-398 Fired Up Friday inspired by Cdub     Happy Friday everyone What’s your plan for the weekend? no yolo moments. no binge and fast cycles I am in control this is my favorite time of year, I’m gonna get outside.     The linked video is titled: what did OMAD fix in me?   Here are my notes: the first

FMM-381 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by cdub The linked video is titled: 20 benefits of OMAD besides weight loss   cdub lost 125 pounds by practicing omad Here are my notes from his video: its so simple. eat one meal a day, no snacks cdub says sleep will improve energy levels will rise, because you lose weight and you exercise and

FMM-373 Monday Mission inspired by Cdub   What’s your fasting plan this week?   The linked video is Cdubs top ten reasons to try OMAD   Here are my notes: it is easy to understand, easy concept,no calories until that 1 meal less planning… understanding what hunger really is, so many times we eat out of just boredom you have

FMM-325 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Cdub   the linked video is titled: What are the seven benefits I had doing OMAD here are my notes:   #7: Cdub has found better mental clarity, better organized, not forgetting things, and just a little bit more clear #6:  He has more time, not having to prepare, eat, and cleanup breakfast or lunch. 

FMM-310 Monday Mission and Reminder Run Down inspired by Cdub     in the linked video Cdub talks about non-scale victories. He lost 125 pounds using OMAD one non scale victory for CDub was being able to do some rides at a water park with his kids.   Here are some other non scale victories: mirror more furtive glances from people you don’t know

FMM-293 Fired Up Friday inspired by Cdub   in the linked video, Cdub talks about how he lost 125 pounds with OMAD He does OMAD 6 days a week, and does a 48 hour fast from Sunday night until Tuesday night Sunday night would be a great meal Then not eat until Tuesday on Thursday his 23 hour fast was a