FMM-409 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Dr LeGrand

are you doing a 2 day Tuesday fast with me this week?     The linked video is titled: Alternate day fasting – top 6 reasons you should do it   Here are my notes: simply put, you can just eat every other day and fast every other day the today show featured alternate day

FMM-312 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Dr. LeGrand   The linked video is title can exercise induce autophagy, here are my notes: fasting is the preferred method for inducing autophagy certain foods can help as well exercise can also make autophagy more effective intermittent fasting can trigger it most studies have been on lab mice, but the same techniques seem to work

FMM-215 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Dr LeGrand     What is autophagy? when your body is nutrient deficient, your body starts breaking down old damaged cells   it recycles nutrients it removes old proteins removes cellular waste it can renew mitochondria autophagy can work as infection control   what triggers autophagy? fasting definitely triggers autophagy also triggered through cell stress  

FMM-212 Make a Plan Monday inspired by Dr. LeGrand

Ketosis During Fasting – Fasting Physiology Explained!   New Week, New streak What is your fasting plan for the week? my plan this week is fast-omad-fast-omad-then for the weekend…..omad-omad-omad   in the linked video, Dr. LeGrand talks about how fasting puts you into a state of ketosis, where your body is converting fat into

FMM-104 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dr Legrand

Fasting Benefits For Body – How Your Digestion Benefits From Fasting   in the linked video, Dr Legrand sites several studies that demonstrate the following benefits of fasting.   it can improve common digestive symptoms such as distension abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, gas and bloating and much more.     fasting can

FMM-092 Social Pressure with Fasting inspired by Dr Legrand

what do you do when your friend think that you’re crazy for fasting? you have to motivate yourself do this through association, through books, podcasts, and videos videos turn into thoughts which turn into action which get you to your destination picture where you are with your health now , and picture where your current