FMM-395 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Dr. Mindy   link to the fasting study:   The linked video is titled: Is FASTING Safe? Results of a new study   Mindy has a fasting group that she works with and has mucho youtubos   Here are my notes: this study was released January 2, 2019 there were 1422 subjects fasting period was

FMM-286 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dr. Mindy and Drew Manning   Drew manning did fit to fat to fit a few years ago   Drew wanted to get into the mindset of his patients   Drew wanted to figure out what his clients were doing because he had never been overweight   He gained 75 pounds in six months and then lost it in

FMM-271 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Dr. Mindy Pelz

The anti-aging effects of FASTING   here are some notes: there are 3 things that happen when you fast you go into ketosis you turn on autophagy you signal step cell generation when you fast long enough to burn up the stored glycogen, you start burning body fat your liver converts body fat into ketones

FMM-267 Sunday Fun Day inspired by Dr. Mindy Pelz     Here are some notes from Dr. Mindy: its about killing the bad gut bacteria like candida but also providing good gut bacteria eat fermented foods prebiotic foods the number 1 thing to do to heal your gut is fasting an MIT study showed a 24 hour fast repaired intestinal stem cells and