FMM-279 Fired Up Friday inspired by Fast Club Motivation on facebook   Sometimes motivation comes from your tribe Here are a few success stories from people on the linked facebook group:   Paul moved from obese on the BMI chart to just overweight….that’s 100 pounds down Dionta is down 80 in 20 days there are a bunch of non-scale victories like smaller shirt sizes, pant

FMM-136 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Eric Sartori

Dad Bod Project – 30 days to Appetite Correction playlist   If you’ve been following along, we’ve done several podcasts on the eat-deplete-repeat guy, Eric Sartori. The enclosed link is to his “30 days to appetite correction” playlist     Here are some of the points from this playlist: please just solve the problem.

FMM-129 Two Day Tuesday inspired by Eric Sartori – Eat Deplete Repeat   Eat. Deplete. Repeat. YouTube Channel: The Dad Bod Project… Facebook Support Group Fast Club:…   Kayla on Six miles to Supper interviewed Eric Sartori   He has developed his own lifestyle called eat deplete repeat.  EDR for short   very catchy   I really like this guy, I think you’ll