FMM-137 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Makaveli Motivation

Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson – DO THE WORK – Motivational Video   add the linked video to your workout playlist, I will attempt to pick out some rousing portions   you have a choice   you don’t just fucking sit there do the work do the fucking work fucking do it dig fucking deep

FMM-130 Work-Out Wednesday – Deplete Deplete Deplete

Eat. Deplete. Repeat. YouTube Channel: The Dad Bod Project… Facebook Support Group Fast Club:…   you don’t get the ass you want from sitting on it   following up on yesterdays great fasting variation from the Eat-Deplete-Repeat guy Eric Sartori, we’re going to revisit the idea of burning calories through low intensity

FMM-116 Work-Out Wednesday – SweatCoin, Fitbit, and Challenges

Get the SweatCoin App (this uses my link)   You’re fasting and that’s how get shredded and keep the fat off.   I know a lot of people use fitbit challenges.   Get together with other people, let other people see if you’ve been just sitting on your ass all day.   anything that

FMM-095 Work-Out Wednesday – Inspired by AlexKaltsMotivation

LISTEN TO THIS EVERYDAY BEFORE YOU WORKOUT – Motivational Workout Speech 2018   sometimes it takes 10 years to get to that one year that will change your life show up every day – rain or shine when everything is great or nothing is   if you want to make your dream a

FMM-067 Work-Out Wednesday – pushup circuit

Fasting Motivation 67 Work-Out Wednesday If you’ve been following the pushup challenge, today’s challenge is 45 pushups.   If you’re up for a different way of doing those 45 pushups today try this:   Do 9 pushups, 9 situps, 9 squats. Do 8 pushups , 8 situps, 8 squats Do 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,

FMM-061 Two-Day Thursday and easy OMAD

Fasting Motivation 61 Two-Day Thursday and easy OMAD tonight around 7, I end my second 48 hour fast this week, how ‘bout you?   I’m thinking about how easy OMAD is.   after we eat, we’ve got 23 hours before the next meal. hmmm think about it. you supper at about 7pm, right? then you’re

FMM-060 Work-Out Wednesday: you’ve got to move it move it   Fasting Motivation 60 Work-Out Wednesday: you’ve got to move it move it to avoid the great American sitting disease, move a little more during the day, here are a bunch of ways to move more during your day.   you already know this shit, just fuckin do it walk faster take the stairs

FMM-046 Workout Wednesday – HIIT   Fasting Motivation 46 – Workout Wednesday – HIIT training   Here on fasting motivation, we recommend fasting and rock bottom insulin to peel off the fat and get shredded.   Working out is about adding muscle and making your heart stronger.   The following list are some high intensity interval training ideas: sprint

FMM-039 Workout Wednesday –HIIT with DeLauer

4 Ways to Improve HIIT Workouts for Increased Fat Loss   Fasting Motivation 39 – Workout Wednesday – High Intensity Interval Training inspired by Thomas DeLauer   for HIIT training you want to focus on the anaerobic system, that’s super high intensity like sprinting for 30 seconds, Get your recovery ratio right to get

FMM-013 Healthy Hardbody Human House

Fasting Motivation 13 – Healthy Hardbody Human House we say our body is a temple   we are construction workers creating a hardbody house out of our human our shapely shop the fabulous physique frame our healthy home beach body bungalow a manly mansion our sculpted sassy chassis a mans body is his castle