FMM-052 Comparing OMAD with intermittent fasting

DeLauer: 16/8 Fasting Results: Study Investigates Short Term Fasting   Fledge Fitness: Response   Fasting Motivation 52 Comparing OMAD with intermittent fasting The show notes first link is to DeLauer’s interpretation of 3 fasting studies.  He says there is not an advantage of OMAD over intermittent fasting with an 8 hour eating window,

FMM-051 Make a Plan Monday: Keto vs OMAD

is this your approach:  I want to lose weight with the smallest amount of pain, least amount of effort, and minor changes to my life?   you know you’re going to have some troubles adapting to your new lifestyle, but right now, you’ve got some decisions to make   Keto folks eat super low carb

FMM-038 Try it out Tuesday   Fasting Motivation 38 – Try it out Tuesday and N=1 experiments (part 1)     if what you’re doing isn’t working, change it up !   run a study where the number of subjects is one, just you these are known as an N = 1 experiments   and as adam savage says,