FMM-229 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Gravity Transformation 5 Intermittent Fasting Tricks to Burn Fat Faster   in today’s video Gravity transformation gives us 5 intermittent fasting tricks to burn fat faster   you’ve probably heard some of these before right here on FASTING MOTIVATION.   #1 Stick to foods that won’t spike your blood sugar/insulin level   low glycemic foods keep

FMM-158 Appetite Control inspired by Gravity Transformation

3 Tips to NEVER GET HUNGRY While Fasting   most people don’t want to fast because they don’t want to be hungry all the time     coffee and caffeine may reduce appetite for up to 4 hours, oddly decaffeinated coffee seemed to reduce appetite the most, maybe because it reduces peptide YY. CLA

FMM-109 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Gravity Transformation

5 At​-​Home Exercises ​to ​Lose Belly Fat (CRAZY FAST)   spot reduction is a myth in order to lose fat, you want to create a calorie deficit and burn fat everywhere   to burn calories, you want to work more muscles and utilize more joints exercises: burpees with a pushup combined with mountain climbers

FMM-074 OMAD on Odin’s Day inspired by Gravity Transformation

Gravity Transformation: I Ate One Meal A Day For 30 Days (RESULTS)   Fasting Motivation 74 Omad on Odin’s day inspired by Gravity Transformation   the linked video talks about how one meal a day can help our body composition journey by burning more fat.   Adaptive thermogenesis will try to burn more or