FMM-278 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Jason Fung     Dr. Fong starts with a history of different diets many of which were low carb diet including the Banting diet   there’s no correlation between eating higher fat and higher risk of death there’s no evidence that eating more fat is dangerous   The women’s health initiative study had 50,000 women showed

FMM-257 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Jason Fung   In the linked article, Dr Fung talks about controlling hunger, here are his points: Have you eaten a loaf of garlic bread, a bowl of pasta, and a dish of pistachio gelato and still felt hungry? you’re not alone people feel helpless and out of control always eating I’m so jealous of the

FMM-254 Monday Mission inspired by Jason Fung   The linked video is “The trouble with Fructose”   here are notes from Dr. Fung: our bodies cannot metabolize fructose so it goes right to the liver if your body already has a bunch of glucose from your meal, your liver turns it right into fat so you get a fatty liver when

FMM-167 Fired Up Friday – what inspired Dr. Jason Fung?   Here are the highlights from Jason Fungs twitter: David Unwin just published a paper on 58 cases of drug free type 2 diabetes remission. he never saw a single person do this in 25 years before the low carb approach started in 2013 Satchin Panda lists the resting energy consumption by different

FMM-166 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Dr Jason Fung

Sugar rots you Inside out – Dr Jason Fung   the linked video by Jason Fung explains how sugar rots you inside out     when you have too much sugar, it spills into the blood stream, then into your body, your eyes, and your nerves.   after years and years.   of too

FMM-141 Sunday Sunday inspired by Dr Jason Fung’s December 12 blog

Who’s to Blame for Fat-Shaming?   Who’s to Blame for Fat-Shaming? The main reason why obesity is such an emotionally charged issue is simply that it has become entangled with all kinds of aspersions on a person’s willpower and character. It is completely different from almost every other disease because there is always the

FMM-108 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Jason Fungs Blog   Does high insulin causeobesity?   The “insulin causes obesity” hypothesis is easily tested. If you give insulin to a random group of people, will they gain fat? The short answer is an emphatic “Yes!” Patients who use insulin regularly and physicians who prescribe it already know the awful truth:4the more insulin you give, the

FMM-100 Monday Mission inspired by Mindy Pelz and Jason Fung     Whats you’re Monday mission this week? I will do a 2 day tuesday omad fast omad omad omad the rest of the week and weekend   In this video, Dr Mindy Pelz talks about some of the things she picked up from some conversations   read Jason Fungs book the obesity

FMM-093 Monday Mission and the 2 compartment problem

Jason Fung on the Diet Doctor   Whats you’re Monday mission this week? mine is fasting on Monday and Thursday fast-one meal-one meal-fast- one meal – one meal – one meal I like keeping my weekend omad-omad-omad   Lets re-visit at the 2 compartment problem.   Say you’re Mad Max driving the big gas

FMM-086 Make a Plan Monday and Dr. Jason Fung’s Tweets     Happy Monday everyone I have mapped out my week with 2 48 hour fasts and 5 omad days. eat-fast-eat-fast-eat-eat-eat     Dr Jason Fung has a bunch of youtube talks and interviews out there. He is a Nephrologist, a kidney doctor, working with weight management and diabetes.   He runs