FMM-283 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Joe Rogan   Here are some notes from the linked video narrated by Travis: Joe has an 8 hour feeding window he doesn’t crave breakfast tip #1: exercise, be active, be under stress, you’ll have more energy for life joe doesn’t eat carbs, no sugar, no bread he eats a lot of vegetables a lot of

FMM-263 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Joe Rogan and Firas Zahabi in the linked video Firas talks about how to workout smarter, here are some notes: Firas says to not work out so hard that you’ll be sore if you can do a max of 10 pullups, do 5 that way you’re not sore and you can go do 5 more tomorrow at the end

FMM-240 Monday Mission inspired by Dr. Peter Attia on Joe Rogan Joe Rogan – Doctor Explains Benefits of Fasting   New Week, New streak 8 weeks until memorial day, we’ve got a beach body this year What is your fasting plan for the next 7 days? I am doing a 2 day Tuesday this week so: omad-fast-omad-omad-omad-omad-omad   Here are some notes from the Joe