FMM-225 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Kacy Ralane

Snake diet: Taking responsibility for your health & understand what motivates you   Happy Sunday—are you ready for a new Monday mission tomorrow?   Today’s linked video is from Kacy   there are 2 major motivators in life: fear and love Cole motivates like a drill sergeant, which works for many many people Kacy

FMM-194 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Kacy Ralane

Sleep is #1   Here are Kacy’s points from her video sleep is #1 2/3 of adults do not get the required amount of sleep here are 7 statistics linked to lack of sleep shortens life span increases risk of cancer #1 link to Alzheimer’s disrupts your blood sugar, which leads to increases risk

FMM-183 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Kacy Ralane

Join me for your first Snake Diet fast     This video is a little late, Kacy published this video on January 3, but in the attached video she talks about starting a group fast   she runs a group every quarter, so join this one, or the next one, or start your own.