FMM-242 Wednesday inspired by Dr. Zyrowski

Today’s linked video Dr. Nick talks about eating predominately eggs   here are some of his notes about the egg diet plan: a lot of people are following the egg diet plan losing a lot of weight, feeling great Dr Zyrowski doesn’t think eggs are bad they are completely healthy they are loaded with choline,

FMM-232 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Cole and Tristan   we got a nice treat from Cole Robinson and Tristan from primal edge health, two guys with a ton of youtube content.  its 3 and a half hours, but hell, watch at 1.5 speed and go for a 2 hour walk.  they talk about some odd stuff, you can actually see Tristan visually

FMM-154 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by 2 keto dudes and Sam Feltham     see pictures and graphs on the IDM site:       in the linked audio podcast, the 2 keto dudes interview Sam Feltham. it’s a great interview, one of their best.   the part that I want to cover today is an N=1 experiment that Sam did on himself. Something we’ve

FMM-133 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer: My Keto + Fasting Transformation & Why I Started this Channel   the linked video is Thomas DeLauer’s story, here are some of his points: he has a million subscribers he was an athlete he defined success for himself he lost over 100 pounds on the keto diet he doesn’t bash other

FMM-129 Two Day Tuesday inspired by Eric Sartori – Eat Deplete Repeat   Eat. Deplete. Repeat. YouTube Channel: The Dad Bod Project… Facebook Support Group Fast Club:…   Kayla on Six miles to Supper interviewed Eric Sartori   He has developed his own lifestyle called eat deplete repeat.  EDR for short   very catchy   I really like this guy, I think you’ll

FMM-126 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Nina Teicholz blog   Ketogenic Diet Myths and Facts   Myth #1:  keto is bad for athletes Nina sites 6 studies that show athletes improve body composition, trim fat, maintain performance and improve recovery     Myth #2: you shouldn’t do keto if you have diabetes Nina shows 17 studies that support the idea that carb

FMM-119 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by 2 keto dudes and Dr. Boz

Listen to Any Way You Can with Dr. Annette Bosworth from 2 Keto Dudes in Podcasts.     Dr Boz’s audiobook:   In the linked 2 keto dudes podcast   dr Ludwig just released a new study, here are some points: 164 overweight adult people subjects were randomly assigned to high carb, moderate

FMM-091 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Trudi Deakin on Ketovangelist

Ketovangelist podcast website   Trudi Deakin on Ketovangelist:   This podcast episode is fantastic, even for non-keto people.   She talked about the whole “energy balance” thing. This is often times known as Calories in/Calories out. She shares from a scientific perspective how it isn’t all about the balance when it comes to

FMM-077 Katurday is for Keto inspired by Chris German   Fasting Motivation 77 Katurday is for Keto inspired by Chris German who lost 50 pounds in about 12 weeks by using keto and intermittent fasting he has his own channel here are his thoughts:   first thing in the morning, he would have a bunch of water he fasts 16 hours a day

FMM-071 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Cole and Siim Land

  Fasting Motivation 71 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Cole and Siim Land   How great is this, two of our inspirations are together in the 90 minute video discussing the Snake Diet. There are timestamp bookmarks in the description   Here are some of the highlights from Cole and Siim:   People are pretty tough,