FMM-149 Monday Mission Monday Mantra inspired by Jennifer Still, the author at the gym   Happy New Years Eve !   Today’s link is to a quick little web site that I can use to motivate and remind myself how easy fasting is.   Here are Jennifer’s 7 tips:   learn the difference between hunger and boredom  remember snacking is for your brain, you don’t need the food.

FMM-121 Monday Mission Monday Mantra inspired by Samarth on Youtube

How To Motivate Yourself For Weight Loss (Intermittent Fasting)   what is your mission this week? I am doing a three day Thursday this week: omad omad fast fast omad omad omad that’s 72 hours between supper on Tuesday and supper on friday earn a gold star every day this week   People don’t

FMM-114 Monday Mission Monday Mantra What’s your mission this week? mine is omad omad fast fast omad omad omad   Develop your mantras write them down put them on your mirror in your car at your job   read the linked lifehacker article, you might realize that you already have lots of mantras   here are my favorite mantras

FMM-065 Monday is for Mantras

Mantras on Reddit     Fasting Motivation 65 Monday is for Mantras New week, new plan eat-eat-fast-fast-eat-eat-eat that’s a three-day Thursday ladies and crazies omad the other 5 days no food from supper Tuesday until supper Friday   Monday is for Mantras, pick 2 or 3, add them to the mantras that you use