FMM-435 Science Sunday inspired by Mario Tomic   The linked video is titled: How To Deal With Hunger During Intermittent Fasting (8 Tips Backed by Science & Experience)   Here are my notes: hunger seems to be the biggest obstacle while trying to fast, what can we do about it? think of fasting as something very natural we are not meant

FMM-338 Monday Mission inspired by Mario Tomich   What’s your fasting plan this week? I will do a two day Tuesday, and every other day: omad omad omad   the linked video is titled: 5 Simple Rules for Getting a Lean Body (DO THESE!)   here are my notes: these rules are simple but don’t mistake simple with consistency, simple doesn’t

FMM-306 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Mario Tomic   The linked video is about being stuck at 15% body fat, here are my notes: there is no quick fix statistically, its easier to be a millionaire than to get a six pack why are you stuck, how can you change your approach? Mario is at 10-12% body fat getting from 15% to

FMM-269 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Mario Tomic   Here are some notes from the video “Getting lean and ripped”: find the method of restriction that you find LEAST RESTRICTIVE that might be keto, paleo, fasting, whatever it is you want to be in a calorie deficit what works well with your preferences what is the most sustainable? what can I see