FMM-069 Do Calories matter inspired by DeLauer

Fasting Motivation 69 Do Calories matter inspired by DeLauer Happy Friday everyone.  Here at Fasting Motivation we believe in MaTIC controls. Those are 3 different levers that you use to get fit and stay fit, lose that fat. MA – is macros – what do carbs, protein, and fat do to your body? TI –

FMM-044 Measurement Monday – 7 day average weight tracker

From Kayla at Six Miles To Supper: 7 Day Average Weight:  How its Helped me to succeed with weight lss   How to fill it out:   Download the excel document here:   Fasting Motivation 44 – Measurement Monday and the 7 day average weight tracker inspired by Kayla at Six Miles

FMM-038 Try it out Tuesday   Fasting Motivation 38 – Try it out Tuesday and N=1 experiments (part 1)     if what you’re doing isn’t working, change it up !   run a study where the number of subjects is one, just you these are known as an N = 1 experiments   and as adam savage says,

FMM-037 Measurement Monday – Insulin

Fasting Motivation 37 – Measurement Monday – Insulin We already know that rock bottom insulin is the key to weight loss and staying fit.   In 10 years, your smart phone is going to tell you what your insulin level is all the time. The app is going to tell you when you’re storing body

FMM-033 Three-Day Thursday

Fasting Motivation 033 Three-Day Thursday Who is doing a three day fast today?  Are you?   Are you in or are you out? I can fast three days, I’ve done it before. Do or do not, there is no try set a personal mission write it down in your journal what are your core values?

FMM-030 Measurement Monday – Journals

Fasting Motivation 30 – Measurement Monday – Keep a journal   The following is a list if things you might want to keep in your journal write down what you’re grateful for clear your mind de-stress yourself keep track of decisions remember who you are and whats important to you what worked good today? why

FMM-016 Measurement Monday

Fasting Motivation 16 – Measurements Monday   things that can be measured fat calipers tape measure – around the waist, chest, butt, arms, legs, neck weight calories out using a fitbit or apple watch calorie in using myfitnesspal, … and maybe weight watcher points ketones urine blood or breath blood sugars heart rate at rest