FMM-170 Monday Mission and the 2 step process

what is your plan for the week?   I am eating 4 meals this week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday so that’s omad-fast-omad-fast-omad-omad-fast   this channel has focused a lot on weight loss when it comes to fasting, for weight loss my fasting protocol has 2 steps: lose the fat stay in maintenance   I’m in

FMM-135 Monday Mission Monday Mantra – Eat, Deplete, Repeat

typically on Monday’s I make a plan like eat-fast-eat-fast-eat-eat-eat plan your eats, and eat your plan if its working for you, don’t change ANYTHING when you wake up, you have a plan for that day, OMAD or FAST execute that plan at all cost earn that gold star for the day   curve ball time

FMM-134 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Snake Diet guy Cole Robinson

How To Lose Weight Eating ONE MEAL A DAY!(For Semi Lean People Only!)   today’s linked video is Cole Robinson explaining how to do OMAD for weight loss his points contradict some of the other stuff you’ve seen on here, but the basics are the same figure it out! figure it out for yourself

FMM-129 Two Day Tuesday inspired by Eric Sartori – Eat Deplete Repeat   Eat. Deplete. Repeat. YouTube Channel: The Dad Bod Project… Facebook Support Group Fast Club:…   Kayla on Six miles to Supper interviewed Eric Sartori   He has developed his own lifestyle called eat deplete repeat.  EDR for short   very catchy   I really like this guy, I think you’ll

FMM-125 Fired Up Friday inspired by Kerwin Rae   in the linked highlights video from Kerwin Rae, he talks about the best parts about intermittent fasting   here are my highlights from his highlights:   when I’m hungry, my brain is becoming sharper decrease the hormones that are associated with you know with certain cancers f your bowels are constantly engaged so

FMM-117 Thor’s day is Your Day – Inspired by Omad Dad

Omad Dad:  OMAD: Having Trouble Getting Started?   In the linked video, omad dad talks about some of the barriers to getting started and coming back to omad   he has a fb group with over 5000 people in it   lose the fear of not eating   our society LOVEs the instant gratification

FMM-115 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Kayla and Joe Holman   Connect with Joe:   Joe’s channel:   OMAD Revolution     Join the growing Facebook group:…     In the linked video, Kayla from Six Miles to supper interviews the first OMAD youtuber, Joe Holman   Here are some of the highlights:   Joe went from 54 inch waist   he

FMM-091 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Trudi Deakin on Ketovangelist

Ketovangelist podcast website   Trudi Deakin on Ketovangelist:   This podcast episode is fantastic, even for non-keto people.   She talked about the whole “energy balance” thing. This is often times known as Calories in/Calories out. She shares from a scientific perspective how it isn’t all about the balance when it comes to

FMM-081 One Meal Odin Day – Athletes and Celebrities

  Fasting Motivation 81 One Meal Odins Day– Athletes and Celebrities that practice OMAD   For a lot of Hollywood actors and actresses and rock stars, they all stayed skinny ‘cause they just don’t eat.   sounds funny, but now we know that when we’re fat, we can fast safely and healthily.   The following

FMM-074 OMAD on Odin’s Day inspired by Gravity Transformation

Gravity Transformation: I Ate One Meal A Day For 30 Days (RESULTS)   Fasting Motivation 74 Omad on Odin’s day inspired by Gravity Transformation   the linked video talks about how one meal a day can help our body composition journey by burning more fat.   Adaptive thermogenesis will try to burn more or