FMM-170 Monday Mission and the 2 step process

what is your plan for the week?   I am eating 4 meals this week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday so that’s omad-fast-omad-fast-omad-omad-fast   this channel has focused a lot on weight loss when it comes to fasting, for weight loss my fasting protocol has 2 steps: lose the fat stay in maintenance   I’m in

FMM-149 Monday Mission Monday Mantra inspired by Jennifer Still, the author at the gym   Happy New Years Eve !   Today’s link is to a quick little web site that I can use to motivate and remind myself how easy fasting is.   Here are Jennifer’s 7 tips:   learn the difference between hunger and boredom  remember snacking is for your brain, you don’t need the food.

FMM-128 Monday Mission – New Years Resolution

I LOVE new years resolutions, they’re one of my favorite things to do. whats not to love I’m traveling a bunch just sitting there with my thoughts I love to make lists   I even do it on memorial day and again on labor day.  why not?   Hell, we do it here every Monday.

FMM-122 Two-Day Tuesday – Measurement and Gold Stars

What is your goal?   Fasting is the foundation and the first goal we have.   we put together a plan for the week the plan might include a 72 hour fast like: omad omad fast fast omad omad omad   you might know ahead of time that your week is crazy, so its omad

FMM-086 Make a Plan Monday and Dr. Jason Fung’s Tweets     Happy Monday everyone I have mapped out my week with 2 48 hour fasts and 5 omad days. eat-fast-eat-fast-eat-eat-eat     Dr Jason Fung has a bunch of youtube talks and interviews out there. He is a Nephrologist, a kidney doctor, working with weight management and diabetes.   He runs

FMM-079 Monday Mission inspired by youtuber carnivore life

This youtuber…Carnivore Life….his videos:   His day 8 video:   His Snake Diet video:     Fasting Motivation 79 Monday Mission inspired by youtuber carnivore life I’m on track for a three day Thursday….:  eat eat fast fast eat eat eat that’s a 72 hour fast from Tuesday supper until Friday supper

FMM-072 Make a Plan Monday – Maintenance Plans

Fasting Motivation 72 Make a Plan Monday I am traveling for work this week, so my plan is a single two day Thursday This is also the topic for today, which is eating plans when you’ve reached your goal.  you’re lean.  you canyou’re your abdominal muscles, and you’re going to slowly transition into your maintenance

FMM-065 Monday is for Mantras

Mantras on Reddit     Fasting Motivation 65 Monday is for Mantras New week, new plan eat-eat-fast-fast-eat-eat-eat that’s a three-day Thursday ladies and crazies omad the other 5 days no food from supper Tuesday until supper Friday   Monday is for Mantras, pick 2 or 3, add them to the mantras that you use

FMM-023 Map your week Monday

Fasting Motivation 23- Map your week Monday Monday Mapping Plan your eats, eat your plan The following are 3 different scenarios and possible eating plans   The Two-Day Tuesday Plan OMAD Monday –supper is the only meal Two day Tuesday – eat nothing, just drink snakejuice ODINs OMAD on Wednesday – feast !, ends your