FMM-400 Snake Diet Sunday inspired by Shameen Miller   The linked video is titled: top 7 tips on the snake diet   Here are my notes: #1 be grateful for your body and everything that you can do with your body #2 stop putting unrealistic expectations on yourself #3 respect and love the process it takes time think about how many years

FMM-365 Snake Diet Sunday inspired by Shameen The linked video is titled: What Is A Good Fasting Routine For Lean & Healthy People   Here are my notes: assuming you’re healthy there are 2 options omad routine, fast for 22-23 hours a day 48 hour routine with a 2-3 hour eating window   Shameen says that calories in vs. calories out

FMM-057 SnakeDiet Sunday Snake Diet explained by Shameen Miller Fasting Motivation 57 SnakeDiet Sunday Snake Diet explained by Shameen Miller What is the snake diet?   fasting is very important the fatter you are the longer you need to fast you shouldn’t be eating more than one meal a day each time you eat it causes an insulin response in your body insulin

FMM-043 SnakeDiet Sunday Shameen’ Success Point

Shameen Miller – HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL AT FASTING   Fasting Motivation 43 – Snake Diet Sunday – Shameen talks about how to be successful at fasting   Cole has not posted much on YouTube lately, so we will revisit Shameen Miller   There are many things to consider when fasting at the six

FMM-036 SnakeDiet Sunday – Shameen Talks Friends and Family

Shameen:  HOW TO DEAL WITH CONTROLLING FAMILY MEMBERS WHEN FASTING     WARNING!!  Snake Diet motivator Cole Robinson SWEARS LIKE A TRUCK DRIVER!! He is does NOT appeal to everyone, he can be offensive and hard to listen to, but for many many people, he is very motivating.   Cole’s video from August 12,