FMM-314 Fired Up Friday inspired by Siim Land   The linked video gives the top 10 tips for intermittent fasting, here are my notes: fix your diet before you start fasting, you can’t out-fast a bad diet make IF sustainable. 16/8 is much more sustainable than 3 day fasts more frequent short fasts are better than longer fasts get your electrolytes: sodium,

FMM-307 Fired Up Friday inspired by Siim Land   the linked video is 10 things I wish I knew about intermittent fasting sooner, here are my notes: #1 you want to get fat adapted by eating ketogenically or low carb especially for longer fasts #2 watch your electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium, drinking too much plain water can be harmful #3

FMM-199 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Siim Land

Fat Adaptation Without Ketosis – Is It Possible?   I am in the middle of a 2-day fast, how is your fast going?   Today’s linked video Siim describes some of the basic body responses to fat adaptation, here are some of his points: fat adaptation is the degree to which a body can

FMM-071 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Cole and Siim Land

  Fasting Motivation 71 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Cole and Siim Land   How great is this, two of our inspirations are together in the 90 minute video discussing the Snake Diet. There are timestamp bookmarks in the description   Here are some of the highlights from Cole and Siim:   People are pretty tough,