FMM-268 Monday Mission inspired by Six Miles To Supper New Week, New streak 4 weeks until memorial day, and I am 4 pounds away from goal What is your fasting plan this week? my plan has a 2-day Tuesday and a 2-day Thursday fast-omad-fast-omad—-then for the weekend: -omad-omad-omad   in the linked video is a fasting success story about Kathleen Morris. it is

FMM-200 Guilt Free, Be Happy Wednesday

How to Learn to Eat All the Foods Guilt Free While Intermittent Fasting     Today’s video is Kayla from the  Six Miles To Supper youtubes and she says that it is really important to Learn to Eat All the Foods Guilt Free While Intermittent Fasting   Here are some of the points from

FMM-178 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Six Miles to Supper

Motivating Yourself: Intermittent Fasting Q&A   Here are some of Kayla’s points in the linked video: kayla has a new podcast and a book out the beginning of the year, how do we motivate ourselves to stick to our goals? you want to have your “why” why do you want to lose weight? it

FMM-173 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Six Miles to Supper   Kayla from the youtube channel six miles to supper,   when you’re impatient, you think you’ll have fast results, but it often times works the opposite> jocko says “slow is smooth and smooth is fast” you have to go slow, you don’t make mistakes learn to be patient, you can practice this in

FMM-129 Two Day Tuesday inspired by Eric Sartori – Eat Deplete Repeat   Eat. Deplete. Repeat. YouTube Channel: The Dad Bod Project… Facebook Support Group Fast Club:…   Kayla on Six miles to Supper interviewed Eric Sartori   He has developed his own lifestyle called eat deplete repeat.  EDR for short   very catchy   I really like this guy, I think you’ll

FMM-115 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Kayla and Joe Holman   Connect with Joe:   Joe’s channel:   OMAD Revolution     Join the growing Facebook group:…     In the linked video, Kayla from Six Miles to supper interviews the first OMAD youtuber, Joe Holman   Here are some of the highlights:   Joe went from 54 inch waist   he

FMM-044 Measurement Monday – 7 day average weight tracker

From Kayla at Six Miles To Supper: 7 Day Average Weight:  How its Helped me to succeed with weight lss   How to fill it out:   Download the excel document here:   Fasting Motivation 44 – Measurement Monday and the 7 day average weight tracker inspired by Kayla at Six Miles


Six Miles To Supper:  How to Deal with Hunger   Fasting Motivation 27: NO FOOD TIL SUPPER   It’s the weekend, just remember, if you’re not doing an extended fast, you can still do …. OMAD Friday OMAD Saturday OMAD Sunday OMAD OMAD OMAD   Use whatever mantra works for you say it over

FMM-005 Should I Exercise?

The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight.  Vox:   Six Miles to Supper   Fasting Motivation 5 is about exercise First of all, exercise is NOT REQUIRED to lose weight, its not even recommended if you don’t already exercise. Focus on fasting. Fast Today.   The first attached