FMM-368 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Thomas DeLauer   The linked video is titled: 7 Cardio Mistakes That Slow Weight Loss   Here are my notes: mistake is not varying the intensity. this conditions the heart to get really efficient.  benefits come from being challenged.  some days go a little easier, some days go harder.  you don’t want working out to be

FMM-359 Monday Mission inspired by Thomas DeLauer What’s your fasting plan this week? I will do a two day Tuesday, and a two day Thursday and every other day is omad omad omad Today     The linked video is titled: Intermittent Fasting Mistakes that Make You GAIN Weight   Here are my notes: #1, when you break your fast, do

FMM-343 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Thomas DeLauer   Today’s linked video is titled: top 10 cleanest fast food keto options   here are my notes: Chipotle – they have steak, add on sour cream, cheese, and guacamole in-n-out buger – you can order a burger protein style at 5 guys, you can have a lettuce wrap around your bugers and add