FMM-082 Three-Day Thors Day Inspired by Tom Bilyeu

    I’m in the middle of a three day Thursday fast—its been 36 hours since eating, and I will break this 72 hour fast on Friday at supper   Today is Thor’s Day.  Thor’s Day is Your Day   knowing that even today as a caterpillar with nothing to indicate you’ll become a butterfly

FMM-080 –12 fasting tips inspired by personal

12 tips to achieve fasting success     Fasting Motivation 80 – 12 fasting tips inspired by personal Today’s link is the 12 tips to achieve fasting success by Celestine Chua, click the link to find her complete fasting journal for an extended 3 week fast.   Before you fast, do your research

FMM-058 Map it out Monday – New Week, New Month

Fasting Motivation 58: Map it out Monday New Month, New Week Brand New Physique   It’s a new week, we’ll try: eat-fast-eat-fast-eat-eat-eat and when I say eat, I mean, just supper, so maybe I should say sup-nope-sup-nope-sup-sup-sup   no food on Tuesday, no food on Thursday two-day Tuesday, two day thursday one meal on all

FMM-056 Katurday is for Keto – Dr. Bergs Extreme Keto

Dr. Bergs Extreme Keto Fasting Motivation 56 Keto Katurday is for Keto – Extreme Keto inspired by Dr. Berg Dr. Berg gives you 5 hacks to get you into keto faster, and lose more fat Bring your carbs down to 0, or very close Get 3-6 ounces of protein per day Don’t add extra

FMM-054 Three-Day Thursday – some quotes

Fasting Motivation 54 Three-Day Thursday and some quotes that I like I’m on day 2 of a three day fast and I could use some motivation.   Start the practice of self-control with some penance; begin with fasting Mahavira   In anything, there ahs to be that moment of fasting, really, in order to enjoy

FMM-047 Three-Day Thursday – Insulin

Dr. Berg’s thought’s on #1 Confusion of Every Person Struggling With Weight   Fasting Motivation 47:  Three Day Thursday Insulin inspired by Dr Berg The #1 Confusion of Every Person Struggling With Weight is insulin, what causes it to rise, and what does it do.     all you have to focus on

FMM-045 Two-Day Tuesday – Butter Bob Briggs

Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem   6:16 Fatter people have higher fasting insulin:   17:03 70% of the reduction in insulin levels occurs in the first 24 hours of fasting   Fasting Motivation 45 Two Day Tuesday and the Fifty percent insulin problem   Today we link to a youtube by Butter

FMM-041 Fasting Friday – Reminder Run Down

Fasting Motivation 41 Reminder Run Down Just Fast Start today what can be measured can be managed weigh yourself, use fat calipers, post your pictures stay motivated with youtubes from Cole and the Snake Diet, Jason Fung, Jimmy Moore, two Keto Dudes OMAD OMAD OMAD – one meal a day, that’s 1 hour of eating,

FMM-037 Measurement Monday – Insulin

Fasting Motivation 37 – Measurement Monday – Insulin We already know that rock bottom insulin is the key to weight loss and staying fit.   In 10 years, your smart phone is going to tell you what your insulin level is all the time. The app is going to tell you when you’re storing body

FMM-033 Three-Day Thursday

Fasting Motivation 033 Three-Day Thursday Who is doing a three day fast today?  Are you?   Are you in or are you out? I can fast three days, I’ve done it before. Do or do not, there is no try set a personal mission write it down in your journal what are your core values?