-433 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dr. Nick Zyrowski

The linked video is titled: The Biggest Water Fasting Mistakes and Untold Secrets   Here are my notes:   for acceptable liquids tea is generally fine, but make sure they are not sweet, Dr. Nick says no on the teas he says no for coffee mainly because of caffeine similarly with sugar free energy drinks,

FMM-319 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Dr Nick Zyrowski

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Iov-sptVSc     the linked video is titled Build Muscle With Intermittent Fasting here are my notes: Dr Nick says you can build muscle while intermittent fasting fasting is muscle sparing IF with weight training can burn fat and build muscle growth hormone can boost 2000% for men and 1300% for women Dr Nick cites

FMM-285 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Dr. Zyrowski

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm5c6-H1FNY   here are my notes: one meal a day is a daily 22 hour fast why would I do this? all the benefits from intermittent fasting are magnified because you’re fasting for 7 more hours if you’re doing 16 hour fast, you’re getting about 2 hours of fat burning OMAD is more like 9

FMM-259 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Dr. Nick Zyrowski

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwqFXqyrW68   the linked video is entitled: keto vs low carb diet, which is better   here are some notes:     the keto diet is: 50 g or less of carbs its measurable through pee strips, blood strips high fat, low carb, moderate proteins   the low carb diet is, according to dr. nick:

FMM-242 Wednesday inspired by Dr. Zyrowski

Today’s linked video Dr. Nick talks about eating predominately eggs   here are some of his notes about the egg diet plan: a lot of people are following the egg diet plan losing a lot of weight, feeling great Dr Zyrowski doesn’t think eggs are bad they are completely healthy they are loaded with choline,

FMM-201 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Dr. Zyrowski

Alternate Day Fasting | This Is Powerful! https://youtu.be/UUb6jugK-iI   in the linked video Dr. Zyrowski talks about alternate day fasting where you fast every other day.   Sunday you feed Monday you fast Tuesday you feed Wednesday you fast and on and on and on and on   Zyrowski sites a study from the University