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Kayla on Six miles to Supper interviewed Eric Sartori


He has developed his own lifestyle called eat deplete repeat.  EDR for short


very catchy


I really like this guy, I think you’ll be hearing more about him.


after he eats, he doesn’t eat again until he has depleted his last meal

he measures this by measuring ketones

the first time, his fast was 42 hours , not too bad

and most times it takes less than a day


he puts together the inner workings of the ketogenic and intermittent fasting science in a way that llows for flexibility, self-accountability, and customization


it keeps you accountable to your choices


we have to burn down our glycogen, we have to have a positive ketone test before eating

don’t eat until you’ve finished burning off your last meal


eats mostly every day

enjoy food, enjoy what you like to eat


when he is in ketosis, the body should be burning some body fat, whether that’s an hour or a half of a day


it depends on the types of food that he ate, chips and salsa took a while to deplete


this ability to have quick feedback from his body is really key

it helped make better food choices,

he leared how exercise would deplete him a little quicker



When kayla asked what advice he would like to give to those listening, Eric said:


don’t give up

there is a different method for each person

your method is going to be successful based on your personality


your personality is going to make the difference

find something that works for you and your lifestyle


keep searching


watch his story in the linked interview on the six miles to supper youtube channel

or read his manifesto on Eric’s web site where you can also view


smash your excuses


the fasting motivation podcast is not medical advice, figure It out !


eat, deplete, repeat is really fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.

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  1. Thanks for the cool review of my video with Kayla! I’d love to hear more about what you are doing. Sounds like great stuff! Smash Your Excuseses!! Yeah!

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